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Piano Tiles 2 1.0.2

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Ever wished you could play the piano? Piano Tiles 2 mightn't teach you how to play like Mozart, but it'll give you a good introduction to the ivories. This piano inspired tile game offers much improved graphics, gameplay and audio over the original, with a host of new features and bonuses to discover.

Play on your own or against friends, tapping the tiles as they pass by on screen to make beautiful sounding music. Take your pick from some of the most iconic piano melodies on the planet, with incredibly high quality audio for your listening pleasure.

You'll love the graphics and detail on offer here. Beautifully realized with crisp textures and dynamic animations, this piano game lets individuals play on their own, or against friends. You have to be quick to react if you won't to miss a note, keeping both eyes firmly on the screen at all times.

Keep your timing and tap when required and you'll create a perfect representation of your target track, with lucrative rewards for the best performances. Collect coins and gems as you play to add to your scores and unlock even more features, including a vast catalog of new songs to get to grips with.

Piano Tiles 2 is a must for music fans and proves instantly addictive. Family-friendly with nothing nefarious included, this game is suitable for players of all ages, and helps fine-tune motor skills and reaction time.

Perfect if you're looking to sharpen your skills or clear your head, this piano puzzler lets you practice and play in private, or compete with other players from across the globe to see who can walk away with the best score. Earn experience points every time you play, with new levels every time a track is successfully performed to completion.

Sapphires are the in-game currency here and let you invest in new features and functions. If you run short, simply trigger a new advertisement, with more sapphires added to your account as soon as the ad has finished. Perfect if you don't want to spend a small fortune on add-ons and upgrades.

Piano Tiles 2


Piano Tiles 2 1.0.2

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